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Good friday :)

It a holiday today and i am grounded at home doing nothing so i just came onto my tumblr and ramble something here..

Yesterday i ran 2.4km, muscles aching now. See kids, that’s what you get for not exercising, so go exercise before you become an old lady like me.

Yizhen and Xinhong did well in their 2.4km so i guess they have GREAT stamina unlike me.. It is already lucky that i didnt faint while running… I was running along side with yaohui but.. i couldnt keep up with her so i rested for a while.

Alots of guys overtake me and i was like but who cares they are suppose to overtake me…

Didnt really do anything great today, Played with my itouch and crap around with my brother during the afternoon.

I also text with xinhong  

Slack around at my sofa and watch my brother doing his science paper..  

@That is my feet as i didnt want to show my face :D

Anyway, my sister’s school held their cross country at paris ris park. It really seems fun. Although they had to run 4.8km (if i am not wrong) but it seems exciting.

They had to run from paris ris park all they way to bedok reservoir.

OMG! Even though i am a lousy runner and has a stamina like an old lady i really hope our school would do it too.. maybe yaohui will want it too since she likes running.

They even had wear some sort of banner that look like this

My sister ran the 38th position in her cohort that was quite a remarkable result

Just had my dinner and ate CHICKEN again..

Exams are around the corners yet i am still here enjoying the accompany of my computer. I believe that yizhen must be studying real hard :219:

I am really procrastinating whenever it came to homework..Moan i am such a slacker  :084: 

Wake up REAL LATE today since i am recovering all the sleep i have lost during the weekdays.

After this horrible exam that are coming soon, i am soo going to go crazy with all my friends.. There are just so many things that we could do after exam.. I can go out with my clique and yaohui could come over and play with photoshop…(thats her wish)

OMG the thought of exam is over is just enough to make me feel slacky…

Anyway of to play with doodles !!!!

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